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We help both Turkish and Spanish companies to reach new markets, establish their presence in both countries, start exporting and importing while taking advantage of government help with the security and trust of Barcelona Chamber of commerce.

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For Spanish Businesses:
Thanks to our establishment and legal presence as well as know how on the market we work hand in hand with you for you to expand your business in Turkey.Our customers love the help we provide them ti get access to government and investment grants to add more cost savings. We not only help you expand but also help you establish your company to production plants in Turkey with best conditions, with best grants possible.

For Turkish Businesses & Startups:
Turkish Business HUB provides a combination of in-house services and strategic partnerships with other businesses to offer a comprehensive range of services to companies looking to expand their businesses in Spain & Europe. Our customer-centric approach focuses on providing a seamless experience for their customers, which includes a dedicated customer success executive who acts as a single point of contact to help track petitions and ensure smooth communication between the customer and partners.


We are the trusted advisors for our clients to create long lasting, trusted business partnerships

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With our large network we are your partners to help your expand your business to Spain & Turkey

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We run our operations with our customers always in the center, making sure we give the best service for smooth and hassle-free expansion.

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The amount of foreign companies opened in Spain until now.


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Total size of Spanish market.


Turkish Market size

Total size of Turkish market.

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Turkish Business HUB has been instrumental in helping businesses expand internationally by offering tailor-made, all-in-one services to ensure their success. With a deep understanding of the legal, accounting, and intellectual property needs of international businesses, Barcelona Connect has been able to assist clients with a wide range of services, including market research, co-working spaces, and handling all residence permits. These comprehensive services help to ensure a smooth and efficient transition into the Spanish market, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations and growth strategies. Thanks to the expertise and personalised support provided by Barcelona Connect, many businesses have successfully expanded into new markets, benefiting from the unique advantages of Spain and the wider European market.

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People Say about our company

Ali Özcan

We have internatıonalised our business so smoothly we never thought was possible.

Founder & Ceo

Elena Gomez

We were one of the first customers of Turkish Business HUB. The service is excellent as well as the value we received.

Founder at Tradeandgo

Martinez Martinez

Özgür and the team is just great. A great customer obsessed team going to extreme to ge things done.

CEO at Noigames

Laia Diaz

Turkish Business HUB was crucial in our expantion to Turkish market.

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